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Bring a wheelchair-accessible swing to an Evanston public park to increase play opportunities in our community for children of all abilities

Swinging for All Abilities

by Amanda Jeffers

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  • May 2015

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Evanston, WY

Amanda Jeffers

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Hi! I’m Alexis and I am currently a junior at Evanston High School and a Peer Advocate in the Learning Lab.  My work in the Learning Lab allows me to interact daily with kids of all abilities. I have learned that ALL kids, no matter their ability, love to play and have fun. But, sometimes differently-abled kids aren’t able to play and laugh in a park setting the same as other kids. Therefore, for my senior project, I would like to bring a wheelchair-accessible swing to an Evanston public park to increase play opportunities for children in our community with physical challenges. 

Currently, there is one handicap-accessible swing in our community. But it is difficult to use and access for individuals in a wheelchair because a person has to be unbuckled and taken out of the wheelchair and then carried and lifted into the swing. This process isn’t always practical, feasible or safe for either the user or the caretaker. Therefore, there is a need for a wheelchair-accessible swing in a local public park that will allow a user to stay in their wheelchair while swinging, in order to increase safety and provide for a more FUN experience! 

I am trying to raise $11,560 to purchase and install the swing.  Once the funds have been raised, the new swing will be installed at Hamblin Park.  The cost includes the purchase of the play surface, wood chips, concrete and labor to install, as well as a handicap-accessible swing station that will consist of a wheelchair swing, a baby swing and 2 traditional swings. The station will allow children of ALL abilities to swing together in a public park setting.

Remember every penny counts and we need your help! Please support this important addition to our community.

  • 03-05-2015

    Serendipity's Pay It Forward

    A big thank you to Serendipity for making us their pay it forward for the month of May!!

  • 19-05-2015

    $10 Tuesday

    Today is $10 Tuesday!

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Campaign Backers Laramie, WY May 29, 2015


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