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Support Positive Progressions in our quest to provide the best and most up-to-date technology to our clients, our children

Play Therapy for Children

by Amanda Jeffers

  • $2,000

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  • Oct 2014

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Powell, WY

Amanda Jeffers

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Campaign Story

We are Positive Progressions, LLC, a mental health agency, serving Powell, Cody, Lovell and the Bighorn Basin in Northwest Wyoming. We work with individuals from 3 years to 103 years old in every form of mental health services. One of our largest focus areas is Play Therapy. Play Therapy allows children and individuals to speak with a language that they understand. They may not be able to express in words what they’re feeling or things that have happened to them. However, through play, our clients communicate to our trained and licensed therapists the issues, events or challenges they are experiencing or have experienced.


We Believe

Play Therapy has been a consistent part of our practice for the past 8 years. We believe that every individual with a mental health need is entitled to a safe place to express themselves and a qualified therapist to aid them in their healing and discovery. As caring professionals we are committed to offering the best and most up-to-date practice methods to our clients.


Project Need

Video equipment in our Powell office would bring one more dimension to the service that we offer the community, and especially our children, in the area of play therapy. This enhancement will increase the ability of our staff to diagnose and treat our clients. The video equipment will also prove itself invaluable to the families as they seek to understand how to better support their child or family member in need.

We need $2,000 to fully equip the Powell office with the latest technology and equipment utilized across the industry. This campaign goal of $2,000 would include video recorders, playback devices and data storage.

With your amazing support, we may exceed our goal! When this happens we will be able to update our Cody office as well.


Support Positive Progressions and Support the Children of Powell, Cody and the Bighorn Basin

Your contributions today are greatly appreciated. Regardless of your ability to provide monetary support, you can also help us spread the word by sharing this link to our campaign with your friends and family.

  • 07-10-2014

    Thank you!

    Thank you so much! Because of you we are more than a third of the way there!! We have 16 days left as of this update to realize this project dream.

    With what we have raised so far, some of the equipment we need is already a reality. What an impact you have already had for our clients…the children of our community! Thank you!

    However we still need another $1282 to make our project the success that we know it will be. Please continue to support us by sharing this link with your friends and family.

    You are wonderful people. Thank you.

  • 22-10-2014

    Fabulous! One of those fun playful words that makes your tongue happy and Thank-you another one of those words!

    We have not reached the goal we desired to reach in the 30 day time limit.   We are grateful for the new friends made and old acquaintances rekindled and more so very the great people who live and work in the area who donated to this worthy cause.

    Though the goal was not met we can accomplish a great deal with the funds that have been raised.

    We still have one day left and maybe a miracle is waiting just to be claimed. Once again thank you for being so fabulous .

Name Campaign Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY October 24, 2014


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