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We need to install new “washable” flooring in our coffee shop and the main pathway from the front door.

Floor the Past

by Amanda Jeffers

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  • $6,000

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  • Nov 2014

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Evanston, WY

Amanda Jeffers

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Campaign Story

Serendipity Books, Antiques & Coffee Shop is owned and operated by a three generation business team. We specialize in providing wholesome, organic and locally sourced food, coffee and teas. Serendipity is a gathering place for local customers, as well as many tourists, with musical events, book signings and meeting spaces. As a small business in Historic Downtown Evanston we operate on a very tight budget and the Coffee Shop is the main source of our income.

The building that we occupy was built in 1910 by the Masonic Lodge. It is one of the oldest buildings on Historic Main Street and we our proud to be here. Evanston has an Urban Renewal Agency and a Main Street Promotions committee that has contributed to the restoration and beautification of the historic buildings in our downtown area, making it one of the best historic downtowns in Wyoming. Serendipity has made many improvements to our building with the help of the Masonic Building Association. Our Coffee Shop currently has a low pile commercial carpet that has been in place for over 30 years. We periodically have spills which we are not able to clean up as easily as it would be with a different flooring material. Therefore, it looks and is unsanitary. We need to install cleanable commercial flooring both in the coffee shop/kitchen area and on the pathway leading from the front to the coffee shop. The carpet in the front bookstore is stretched and wrinkled at the place that people walk to the coffee shop. It makes it extremely difficult for wheelchairs to maneuver and could be dangerous as the buckling gets worse.

We are hoping to raise $6,000.00 to install new flooring material in the Coffee Shop/Kitchen area and the pathway from our front door to the coffee shop. Because we are already paying on a loan with which we purchased our Espresso machine and equipment we cannot get a loan for the flooring. Having a quality commercial floor would allow us to provide a more aesthetic and clean atmosphere and will increase our ability to ensure a healthy environment for our customers.

  • 08-12-2014

    Thank you!

    Thank you to all that have supported us during our first week of fundraising!  We sincerely appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in our Coffee Shop. 🙂

  • 31-10-2014

    More rewards added!

    We have had some wonderful rewards added to our project from some really great supporters!  Please check out the new ones by clicking on the REWARDS button.

  • 03-11-2014

    Evanston Renewal Agency Donation

    The $50.00 donation on 10/31 was from the Evanston Renewal Agency not the ball.  Sorry for the confusion.

  • 03-11-2014

    Volunteer om-kind dentations!

    We have 10 people signed up so far to help us install our new flooring materials!!!  Yaaaaa!  Thank you to everyone who volunteered.  If you would like to donate labor to our project please contact us at 783-7323.  We would welcome as much help as we can get.  Thank you!

  • 03-11-2014

    BOX funds

    We raised $255.00 in our donation box!! Thank you to all you anonymous contributors!

  • 04-11-2014

    Almost there!

    We are so close to our goal I can’t believe it.  Thank  you so much to all who have donated money and time to our project.  We feel very loved.

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Campaign Backers Laramie, WY November 04, 2014


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